This program is intended to aid peacetime and wartime veterans and their eligible dependents who are experiencing a temporary, financial hardship that a grant will resolve. Grant assistance will be provided as funds of last resort. The grant may be combined with other agencies and other programs such as the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund and Soldiers and Sailors Relief fund to resolve the hardship. The requirement of an ‘Emergent Need’ as is reflected in MVTF Policy #101 will need to be met. The application itself is designed to mirror most of the requirements of the MVTF excepting the allowance for Peacetime Era veterans to apply/qualify for the SCCVA Emergency Financial Relief/Hardship Fund.

All applicants must be residents of St. Clair County. The veteran’s character of discharge must have been either Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions from the United States Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy or Women’s Auxiliary.

What is an emergent need according to MVTF Policy #101?

An unforeseen circumstance causing a temporary financial emergency or hardship that a grant will resolve. The key factor in determining whether or not a grant is approved is the ability of the applicant to manage the obligation for which aid is requested after a grant is made. If there is no reasonable expectation that the MVTF grant would enable the applicant to resume his/her financial responsibility, then a grant does not meet policy.

How to Apply

Contact our office at (810) 989-6945 for assistance in completing the application and uploading required documents.

Links to Relief/Hardship Fund

· Download Guidelines Document
· Download Application Document