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The St. Clair County Department of Veterans Affairs is an APPROVED supporter of AdoptaPlatoon®. We have adopted a troop and are committed to sending foot care items.

Foot Care Patrol - Troops’ missions are in different environments which can be hot, cold or wet. Our Troops must constantly take care of their feet guarding against sores, blisters, fungus, bacteria and keeping their feet dry.

Sending a clean pair of new socks, foot power, anti-fungal cream, cooling cream, nail clippers, and/or athlete’s foot lotion, powder, or cream will go a long way to help our Troops serving our Nation know that YOU are helping in their mission as they serve far from home on your behalf.

It’s Easy to Participate!

Bring or send your foot care items to:

St. Clair County Department of Veterans Affairs

200 Grand River Avenue, Suite 104

Port Huron, MI 48060

We will MAIL all items on YOUR behalf!

This Is An Ongoing Campaign!